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Welcome to the next step. Lincoln Law School gives you the training, tools and experience you need to propel yourself into a new future as a lawyer, patent attorney or Intellectual Property professional.

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Those who plan for the future, have a future

Those who plan for a great future have one. Unlock yours.
If you’re ready for a new path, a new set of challenges and one of the most rewarding careers on the planet, Lincoln Law School is ready to help.

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Chained by day, freedom by night

Ready to make a big career move but not ready to give up your job? Lincoln Law School is here. Our year-round evening schedule means a faster move to freedom.

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A lot of immigrants do not know the legal system and they flounder ...

I want to be their advocate. Lincoln Law School helps me accomplish that.

I have always wanted to be involved with the law...

When I saw the school, the curriculum and everything the school has to offer, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer.


I was a refugee from Kosovo...

I was a law school graduate back home, and Lincoln Law School was diverse making me feel very comfortable.

Define your Future. Live Your Dream Here

Lincoln Law School could be the answer to your prayers Apply Now

Get your "EDU" without working two jobs to pay for it.

Here’s a thought. What if you could get a law degree and NOT be in debt for the rest of your life? Lincoln Law School is extremely affordable. With tuition of only $815.00 per unit (less than $71,448.00 for the entire program) you’ll not only get a great legal education, it will take less than half of your hard-earned money than many competing programs. Like you, most Lincoln Law students work full-time jobs during the day, and many raise families. The kind of staggering debt other schools require keeps most working adults from even considering law school. These are the people for whom Lincoln Law School was created. Your greatest dreams and career goals are within reach – and without a mountain of debt.

Downtown San Jose is home to an eclectic mix of eateries and shops

Small class size and convenient hours

We know. You work. You work a lot. Sometimes the thought of taking on a new career challenge through education seems daunting. At Lincoln Law School we understand your plight. We’ve been there. We’ve lived it. That’s why we offer our classes Monday through Thursday from 6:40pm to 9:30pm. No late night classes, and we give you time to manage traffic by not starting until 6:40pm.
Top that off with small class sizes, and along with receiving more personalized attention, you’ll likely find yourself in a work/life balance situation that is actually doable. And THAT, is what Lincoln Law School is all about.

Lincoln Law School boasts access to one of the valley's premier Law Library

Dreams are visions that have yet to come to pass.

Your dreams are our vision. Seriously. Our staff is composed of distinguished practicing attorneys and judges who have a heart for education and passion to help others. These people help make your dreams a reality by providing your educational needs and challenges while doing exactly what most of our students do – burn the candle at two ends. This commitment translates directly to your professors ability to empathize with your struggles and encourage you when you need it. These are long days, and hard work is the mantra, but our staff is not only dedicated to the legal profession, but in helping you get the education that will move your life forward.

Lincoln Law School is here for you. We don’t just teach law, we fulfill dreams. If you’re wondering where your career is headed next, if you’ve lost hope in your current occupation, or if you just want to branch out, learn something new and become something different, Lincoln Law School can help you find your path.


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