Lincoln LawI was born and raised in San Jose with a mechanic for a father. We were not wealthy people. I discovered my calling to be an attorney at a young age and set my course to be the first in my family to attend college. Over the years, I hustled, keeping my eyes on the goal: I wanted to be a lawyer; however, at the time I was unaware of the aid student loans could give to someone with my financial situation. I never applied to law school. I changed my major, deciding I wanted to be a news anchor. After college, I got married, I had children, and along the way, I heard about a school called Lincoln, whose claim to fame was reasonable tuition for law school. I heard my calling once again. And, so it began. With children 3 years, 18 months, and three months old, I began my journey to become a lawyer. Great timing, right?

My days were long. Up at 6am with the kids, Pre-school, play dates, scheduled naps, dinner, baths, law school from 6 to 10pm, homework from 10pm to 2am, and a part time job at a law firm thrown in was my normal day-to-day life. Then, two weeks before the Bar Exam, I uncovered news that would end my marriage. Between emotionally taxing familial affairs and the physical tax from studying for the Bar, the next phase of my life was one of the most trying; however, despite pain and with great perseverance, I passed the Bar. Talk about seriously rewarding.

My story is nothing compared to the stories of other Lincoln graduates—immigrants, refugees, or people working two jobs while going to school.  Every day, I walk down the hallway and observe pictures of our graduating classes on the walls; people who graduated to become politicians, judges, heads of corporate law departments, or criminal defense attorneys. Many of these people came from beginnings more humble than mine. I want to find more people like them. I want to spread the word that people do not need to compromise their dreams. The path is here. The path is Lincoln.

January is a big month for me as Dean.  The Board of Trustees holds its annual retreat this month and I am privileged to present to them my vision for Lincoln Law School of San Jose. My goal for 2018 is to reach more people with the Lincoln story – a first class, fully accredited, legal education for about half the cost of other local law schools. Students at Lincoln will also be rubbing elbows with more engineers and scientists this year as we expand our Patent Agent Program.  Patent Agents work with the US Patent and Trademark Office to protect intellectual property (ideas and inventions).  Anyone with a qualifying bachelor’s degree can finish the program in a single year.

2018 will see more students than ever experience what a Lincoln degree can do. Join the elite game changers.  Join us. Become a Lincoln Lawyer.

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