Have you ever just wanted to start over? You know, just push the reset button and simply begin again?

I have.

Then I found Lincoln Law School of San Jose. Because of Lincoln, I was able to drastically alter the trajectory of my life. Because of my willingness to hit the reset button and try something new, my life was “rebranded” in a sense. See, Lincoln is all about new beginnings. I love that, because new beginnings create space for creative energy, which in turn, fuels forward motion. Ever since I made the decision to hit reset and rebrand my life as a Lincoln Lawyer, my career has been in a perpetual state of forward motion. I may never have imagined myself as the Dean of a law school, but here I am encouraging countless others to have the courage to hit reset as well. I can tell you it’s absolutely worth it. My life has a brand-new image: Successful attorney and law school dean.

In recent years, it seems that many large companies have taken to “rebranding” themselves by shortening their names. PWC and Deloitte are two that come to mind. Other major companies have rolled out new logos and new looks in hopes that their new image will give the consumer a better sense of who they are and what they represent as a company. This got me thinking about our Lincoln Law School brand.

One thing you should know about me is that I’ve never been content with status quo. For me, “on time” is late, “just enough” is basically failing, and maintaining the status quo is essentially a death knell for both people and companies. So, when I became the dean of Lincoln Law School, I knew we needed to rebrand – not because the old branding was bad or inaccurate; it just didn’t reflect how, well, different we are.

Lincoln has always been unique in our ability to make law school accessible, but in 2013 Lincoln was approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to operate the only combined patent and trademark clinic in Northern California. This is no small accomplishment, and it really set us apart and elevated us to a new level. San Jose is where people come to invent. And now San Jose’s only law school makes it possible for everyday inventors, without investment backing, to have a trained professional help them protect their mechanical inventions and code – or to learn to protect intellectual property assets themselves as a certified Patent Agent. We realized we were much more than a law school, and our branding needed to reflect this unique connection to high technology.

If you’re like I was, you are having a difficult time imagining yourself becoming a professional. Maybe you were the first in your family to even go to college. I was, too. So, I wanted to make law school less intimidating. Lincoln wants to help you visualize yourself achieving your goals. If we are going to continue to fulfill our mission to provide a top-notch legal education to anyone willing to put in the work, we need to be more approachable than the average law school.

It’s true that law school is serious stuff, but it’s also seriously doable. We believe that although our school is almost 100

years old, our attitude toward legal education doesn’t need to be. Learning and doing important work can be both fun and cool (do people still use that word?). Our new image needed to reflect that. So, we have been busy working and overhauling, and we hope you like our new look, and we sincerely hope you connect to our new image because it’s all about you! Tune in for part two of my series to hear the story behind the logo (no crusty old Harvard crest for us!), and some more thoughts from me.

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