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Lincoln Law School of San Jose draws students from every walk of life and every part of the globe. Our students come from every background imaginable and arrive with an equally diverse set of goals – personally and professionally.

Lincoln students are career-focused. They approach their decision to enter law school very seriously. Many have chosen Lincoln because the classes are structured and scheduled to allow them to continue to work in their current job, continue to raise and provide for their family – all while working toward a rewarding legal career.

adult-student-in-libraryMany of our students choose Lincoln because it allows them to get an excellent legal education without the overwhelming financial commitment most other law schools require. If you are one of those students working and supporting your family during your time in law school, determining the greatest cost-to-benefit ratio as you prepare for your legal career is extraordinarily important.

Many choose Lincoln because, in addition to getting a great education in the law, students have the opportunity to receive instruction from a faculty composed almost exclusively of professionals working in the legal field – attorneys, judges and other experts – from a broad range of areas of practice; corporate, criminal, real estate, Intellectual Property and more.

The legal profession is steeped in tradition, and some of those traditions do not align with the goals many of today’s university students and working professionals have for the future they want for themselves and their children. Law has long been a profession dominated by one gender within a single ethnic group educated in a small number of elite institutions. Lincoln Law School is devoted to the idea that the world needs more attorneys from outside these traditional groups in order to address the growing needs and interests of underserved and under-represented populations. Diversity makes for greater equality in the legal profession and better outcomes for all segments of the population.

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