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Lincoln Law School student Thuy Barnes is determined to provide legal services to recent immigrants and help them navigate the US legal system. She has been most impressed by the passion of Lincoln’s professors and the school’s small class size.

YT Nguyen is a young entrepreneur who came to Lincoln to acquire a greater understanding of the law as a tool to grow his business. He loves the accessibility of instructors and says that, for him, studying the law has been like “learning a second second language.”

Describing the Lincoln experience as “unique,” Olga Powell says the knowledge she has gained at the school is “priceless,” and at a fraction of the cost of other schools. She says the instructors want students to do well not only for “…the grade or to pass the Bar…it’s also about the knowledge.”

Now a practicing attorney, Lincoln graduate Patricia Castorena also cites instructor accessibility and small class size as part of the reason she recommends Lincoln to aspiring attorneys. She also talks about Lincoln as a family, not just while students are students, but as practicing attorneys as well.

Her name may be difficult to spell and pronounce, but Hatixhe Grbeshi (“ha-TEE-shuh ger-BESH-ee”) is no stranger to challenges. She graduated from law school in war-torn Kosovo, but the conflict made it impossible for her to stay there to begin her practice of the law. Coming to America in her mid-30’s, she was delighted to find Lincoln Law School as a place that welcomed people of many diverse nationalities and languages. She is working her way through Lincon, sometimes working one full-time job, sometimes more. She says that refugees are always haunted by the experiences that uprooted them from their home, but Hatixhe says that Lincoln is making it possible for her to regain everything she lost.

Not unlike many Americans, Clifton Wester believes our justice system leaves something to be desired and says, “…if I can change even one of them, I’ll be happy.” He notes that all of the professors at Lincoln are “practicing attorneys or sitting judges, and you can’t find that anywhere else.” His time at Lincoln has been “one of the most difficult things I’ve ever done and, in the same breath, it’s rewarding, fulfilling and amazing.”

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