Top Ten Reasons to Enroll Here, Now

Many of our students cite the following factors as having been part of their decision when evaluating options for an education in the If three or more of these apply to you, you may want to seriously consider Lincoln Law School as you plan the next phase of your life.




I’m seeking a highly-respected program for my education


 I want a program where the instructors have current, real-life legal experience, and who will involve me in those activities wherever possible


I am a working professional who has determined that my next step in life includes earning a law degree.  I want a program that understands my obligations to my employer and schedules classes and activity at times that allow me to continue to work.


I am a high school student who has already decided that a legal career is my life’s goal, and I want to get there as quickly as possible. I want to enter law school directly after earning my Associate’s degree.


I am highly motivated to become an attorney to serve communities currently under-served or under-represented by the legal establishment. As a member of one or more of those communities, traditional law schools have not always been accessible or welcoming to me.


I want a law school that doesn’t stop me from entering because English is my second language, but allows me to prove my command of the law by my performance in and out of the classroom.


I’m a single parent and need a law school that understands the unique demands of my life and will work with me to help me reach my goals in the legal profession.


I have a passion for the law and will soon complete my Associate degree. I want to know if my goal of attending Law School is something I can attain immediately after Community College.


I’ve set my sights on a career in Intellectual Property Law. I want a school with innovative programs and close ties to the United States Patent & Trade Office.


It’s important to me that my instructors take a personal interest in my success and make themselves available to me.

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