Students must complete 84 units in order to graduate. Tuition is $856.00 per unit. Tuition and fees are subject to change upon reasonable notice to Applicants and Students.

Law School alumni may audit courses for 1/2 the regular tuition charge, plus a $50 registration fee per semester.

Tuition and fees are due at time of registration. Students are deemed to be enrolled once payment of applicable tuition and fees is made and all registration forms are submitted.

The cost to earn the J. D. degree from Lincoln Law School of San Jose, including tuition and fees for the four-year program, is approximately $76,000.00, excluding the cost for books and other required class materials or additional fees, including but not limited to the following:


Fall Semester


Spring Semester



Summer Semester

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Additional Fees that May be Incurred ...
  1. Late Registration Fees of $225.00 plus $10 per day thereafter until Registration is received
  2. Deferment Fee  $50.00
  3. Installment Fee  (per installment) $30.00
  4. Returned check fee $ 50.00
  5. Add/Drop Class fee $ 25.00/$50.00
  6. Examination rescheduling fee      $ 300.00
  7. Transcript fee* (Official/Unofficial) $30.00/$20.00
  8. Letter of Good Standing*      $10.00
  9. Course Materials fee: Based on the number of copies.
  10. Fee to review classes at another law school (consent thereto being previously obtained from both schools) $ 100.00
    *Expedite fee $10 if fewer than five (5) business days. Add $20 for priority mailing.


  • Registration forms will be sent to returning students by e-mail
  • All Registration forms must be returned with an Enrollment Agreement, and all requisite fees and tuition, by the deadline indicated on the form by way of a secure electronic system portal provided by the School, personal delivery, or U.S. Mail. To be considered timely registration materials must be received by the deadline indicated in the registration materials.
  • Tuition and fees are due at the time of registration

Students must complete all registration activities prior to attending classes. The School is required to certify students’ attendance to the State Bar of California to establish residency so that students may sit for the General Bar Examination. Attendance includes both enrollment (which includes payment of tuition and fees) and physical attendance.

Payment of tuition and fees

Students must pay their tuition and fees in full before the end of the registration period as indicated on the registration paperwork sent to them by email. A student that is unable to pay in full by the registration deadline must make an appointment to meet with the Registrar before the deadline and make arrangements for payment. Students who choose to enter into an Installment Agreement must pay an installment fee which is determined by the number of payments requested. Students who are recipients of verified financial aid, loans, or scholarships may be able to postpone payment of registration fees to coincide with receipt of such financial aid or scholarships.

Fee Deferment

Students who are recipients of financial aid or scholarships may be able to postpone payment of registration fees until such aid or scholarship is funded. Postponing payment of registration fees is called a deferment. Deferments allow students with unpaid fees to remain registered for classes, but only until the deferment expires. There is a deferment fee listed under “Tuition and Fees.” Students remain responsible for tuition and fees regardless of the receipt of lack of receipt of expected financial aid, loans, or scholarships. For additional information please contact the Registrar.
With limited exception, all fees are non-refundable.
If a student cancels their Enrollment Agreement within 5 business days of the first day of instruction, in either the Fall or Spring semesters, the Law School will refund all charges paid by the student. If a student cancels their Enrollment Agreement within 2 business days of the first day of instruction in the Summer semester, the Law School will refund all charges paid by the student. If a student withdraws or is dismissed prior to the completion of the semester, the Law School will refund unused tuition on a pro rata basis as set forth in the Law School Enrollment Agreement. Fees are non-refundable.

Delinquent Payment Policy

This policy is responsive to payments of any sort due to Lincoln Law School of San Jose (“School”), whether for tuition, fees, or other costs or charges due to the School.

If your account has a past due balance

  1. A financial hold shall be placed on your records preventing course registration and release of grades and/or transcripts until such time as the account is current.
  2. A prepayment requirement may be established, which will require payment in full before completion of registration for any future semesters.
  3. If your past due amounts total $200.00 or more and you are registered for the Fall semester, you will be removed from all registered courses on September 1st.
  4. If you are 30 days or more past due on any payment under a tuition payment plan or other agreement to allow installment payment of tuition, you will be removed from all registered courses.
  5. You will not be allowed to take midterm or final examinations in any semester during which your payment remains past due without prior approval of the Board of Trustees.
  6. Your account may be referred to a collection agency with costs of up to 25% and the default in payment may be reported to credit reporting agencies. Any exception to this Policy requires prior approval by the Board of Trustees who may act collectively or through a committee as they solely deem appropriate. Approval of an exception must be sought by timely petition to be submitted at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of Trustees.
  7. Monthly billing statements will be issued to all students with a financial balance with the School. If you have any questions, it is important that you seek clarification from the Registrar at your earliest opportunity before a past due balance results.
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