Silicon Valley owes its reputation for ground-breaking innovation to brilliant, hard-working people continually bringing new technological visions to reality. Since the earliest days of the tech boom these innovators have depended on experts in Intellectual Property Law to protect their work against pirates and profiteers, defending it on behalf of investors, stockholders and the future beneficiaries of their creations.

Lincoln Law School lies at the heart of Silicon Valley – the global center for technological innovation. To meet the needs of our business and student communities, Lincoln has developed a robust Intellectual Property (IP) program, with faculty drawn from among the best practicing patent attorneys, trademark attorneys, and those focused on other issues related to intellectual property law, including copyright, trade secrets and licensing.

The IP Program curriculum includes:

  • Intellectual Property Survey
  • Patent Law and Practice
  • Patent Litigation
  • Patent Bar Preparation
  • Patent Prosecution
  • Intellectual Property Licensing
  • Copyrighting and more

Lincoln’s IP program also includes an IP Clinic, a pro-bono, hand’s-on clinic focusing on patent and trademark matters – the only such patent clinic of its kind in Northern California (and one of only two trademark clinics). Our location near the United States Patent & Trademark Office Silicon Valley facilitates regular interaction with USPTO staff, with Lincoln becoming the very first non-ABA school in the country to be admitted into the USPTO Clinic program.

If you are interested in participating with the IP Clinic, or have any questions about participating, please contact us at


Reason #1

Lincoln IP Clinic certification gives employees in Engineering, Product Development and other roles the skills and tools needed to amplify their value and speed the patent application process while lowering patent-related legal costs for their teams and companies.

Reason #2

The specialized, in-depth curriculum of the Lincoln Law School IP Clinic adds vital and relevant IP-related expertise for students who intend to practice corporate or technology-related law in Silicon Valley.

Reason #3

Lincoln’s IP Clinic is the first non-ABA clinic approved by and accepted into the USPTO Clinic Program, and is the first patent and second trademark USPTO-approved clinic in Northern California.

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