Presentations Open to the Public

Additionally, the IP Program is active in providing free presentations (some taught by Lincoln Law School’s own students) to the public on intellectual property topics. Past topics have been presented throughout the Bay area and include:

  • Patent Work – requirements, logistics, and local resources
  • Low cost Legal Resources
  • IP considerations for startups
  • The Science of IP
  • Patent Trolls
  • How to Write a Patent Application
  • Patent Strategies – how early is too early?
  • Maximizing the Value of Your Patent
  • Office Action Drafting Strategies
  • Trademarks – how to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of your mark?

Such topics are often provided on a semester-by-semester basis. If you have an interest in attending one of our upcoming seminars, please call the school.

The Lincoln Law School IP Clinic gives students real-world experience working with professors, inventors, businesses, the United States Patent & Trade Office and more. Under the direction of a supervising attorney, students work with clients in areas of trademarks and patents, and interact directly with the USPTO to file and prosecute patent and trademark applications. Lincoln’s IP Clinic is the only non-ABA USPTO approved clinic in the United States, and is one of only a limited number of patent and trademark clinics nationally.

The IP Clinic provides a number of services at no cost, including client counseling, patentability and/or registerability searches, patent and/or trademark application drafting, responses to USPTO correspondence, and Examiner Interviews.  Further information on the Clinic may be found at

The IP Clinic at Lincoln provides two different tracks to participate: a first track for law students and a second track for non-law students.

IP Clinics are the perfect grounds for developing real IP skills. Real clients with real problems walk through the door, and students have the opportunity to work on real matters that can make a real difference. The goal of this very real experience is to create real skills for students and real protection for clients.”

Britten Sessions, Director & Founder, Intellectual Property Clinic, Lincoln Law School

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