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Lincoln is located in the heart of downtown San Jose and has brought greater access to legal education to Bay Area people for 100 years. 


Lincoln offers its students a legal education at a fraction of the cost of a traditional law school.


Lincoln offers evening classes that work with your schedule and your life obligations.


Lincoln graduates are eligible to immediately sit for the California State Bar.


Lincoln offers a straight-forward, hands-on learning environment designed for student success.



Lincoln has been disrupting the legal education landscape since 1919.

Out of the rubble of World War I came a new kind of school to San Francisco.  Its first program was designed to provide returning veterans with educational opportunities in the evenings – after work. This program became the first Lincoln Law School, and graduated California’s first Chinese-American lawyer. Motivated by the growing interest in law schools, Lincoln opened a second location in San Jose. The San Jose location has continued to flourish over the years, graduating judges, government officials, corporate attorneys, and successful business persons. In 1993, Lincoln’s San Jose location separated from its parent school and became its own non-profit organization. In 2013, Lincoln became the only school in Northern California approved by the United States Patent and Trademark Office to operate both a Patent and a Trademark Clinic.  These clinics assist the public in filing and prosecuting the patents and trademarks which become the foundation for local small businesses.   A Patent Agent program was added in 2016 to teach non-lawyers valuable intellectual property skills.  

Continuing the tradition begun 100 years ago, Lincoln Law School of San Jose’s mission is to make legal education affordable, and accessible to adults whose personal commitments or full-time careers might otherwise preclude them from pursuing a graduate-level degree. Lincoln’s professors are working lawyers and judges who provide Lincoln students with hands-on, real-world experience.  Lincoln graduates go on to become valuable contributors to the San Jose community as members of the judiciary, lawyers, and public servants. Lincoln welcomes students of all ages from all walks of life who are ready to use their Lincoln education to make the world a better place.

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