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I am a proud graduate of Lincoln Law School of San Jose.  My service to the school began as a tutor in 2001, then as a professor, an Academic Dean, an Associate Dean and, since 2015, as Dean of the School.

My 20-year career in private practice has given me a unique perspective on the importance of practical instruction at the law school level. Access to the law, both for students and for low and moderate income clients, is my passion.  Lincoln students graduate ready to help in their communities and that’s what I am committed to in my work with Lincoln. 

Laura Palazzolo

DEAN, Lincoln Law school

First, I was a student at Lincoln Law School. Twenty years later, I became the dean. 

I was the first in my family to go to college and even after graduating from San Jose State, I never really thought law school was an option for me. Fast forward several years and children, it wasn’t until I walked into Lincoln for the first time that I started to believe that law school could be for me. Turns out – legal education was exactly the thing for me, because once I arrived at Lincoln, I have never been able to leave.

After graduating from Lincoln, I taught as a professor here and served as Academic Dean before becoming Dean. There’s something special, or rather several special something’s about Lincoln that make it very difficult for people to sever ties, even after graduating. Our community is small, but strong in their work ethic, diversity, and life experiences. Lincoln Law students each have unique stories to tell – of immigration, of balancing home, work, and school lives, and their unique paths to Lincoln.

The world is a better place when more people know more about the law. Our communities get safer, people have access to better representation, and the law is able to serve everyone with greater equality. Lincoln exists as a place to promote the widening of the door to legal education. It should not be difficult to receive a legal education. Will the subject matter be challenging? Certainly, but the processes surrounding law school, as well as the price tag, should not prohibit those who desire the challenge from trying.

I invite you to find out more about Lincoln. Our alumni network serves the Bay Area and beyond well, giving back to their communities and extending the reach of Lincoln education. Our Intellectual Property Clinic affords those pursuing patents and those interested in patent law unique opportunities to gain experience and education.

Lincoln will be 100 years old next year, and we’re approaching our centennial with new programs, new students, and vigor for our purpose. I invite you to become a part of Lincoln’s story. Whether you’re interested in pursuing your legal education, or supporting the work here at Lincoln financially, I personally assure you that you will find getting involved with Lincoln to be fulfilling and rewarding for you – as a member of this community, as a professional, and as a person.

Laura Palazzolo, Dean of Lincoln Law School

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As Dean, Laura’s work at Lincoln is student-focused, from before the first day of class all the way through graduation, Laura is here to make sure Lincoln students benefit from experience at Lincoln. Reach out and get in touch.