Practicing Judges and Attorneys as Professors: A Boon for Law Students

Why does the average law student seeking to enter law school choose that path? For the most part, you’d expect to hear a lot of, “Because I want to be a lawyer,” answers, though some may seek other types of law careers that don’t involve practicing as an attorney. But in reality, law students want to practice the law. That’s why people go to law school, right?

It makes sense, then, that a new law student would expect to be learning how to do just that from practicing attorneys, or at least attorneys with plenty of experience in practice under their belt.

More Preach and Less Practice at Some Law Schools

That’s oftentimes not the case, though. Many law schools are staffed with countless professors who have earned their degrees and jumped straight into the world of academia without ever practicing as an attorney.

While there’s certainly room for scholarly pursuits in the wide range of legal careers available, most law students are seeking their degree so that they can practice law, and therefore a more practical education would serve them better. In fact, there is even scholarly material floating around assessing whether law professors should be required to continue practicing in order to continue to teach.

Legal academia plays little role in the everyday practice of law. It is rarely cited by judges in rulings, and it rarely has many effects on the day-to-day practice of law. Knowing and the application of knowledge is not the same thing.

Law School Should Prepare Students to Be Attorneys

The average person would assume that a law school grad with a JD hot off the press and a successful run at the Bar exam would have everything they need to be a lawyer. However, many law students lack an understanding of how the law works in the real world, even after all the work and tuition they’ve expended.

The fact of the matter is that many attorneys openly admit that they didn’t learn how to be a lawyer until they got their first job as a lawyer.

A Practicing Faculty at Lincoln Law School of San Jose

Lincoln Law School of San Jose takes great pride in employing a faculty made up of active judges and practicing attorneys. Many of our adjunct professors are currently presiding over various courts as highly respected judges, and many are actively practicing in different areas of the law and have made careers in their own practices or with reputable firms in the area as high level attorneys. Also, some of the professors here are retired attorneys and judges who are now teaching after a long and successful legal career.

A quick look through the faculty page on Lincoln Law School of San Jose’s website will show you a staff that is highly experienced in the practice of law and highly esteemed in the local legal community and beyond. Consider stopping by the faculty page to learn more about our staff’s qualifications.

If you’re interested in a career practicing the law and you would value more practical education, contact our friendly admissions staff at 408.977.7227 or send an email to [email protected].