student services

Lincoln provides its students with support throughout their law school journey. From academic support and tutoring to testing accommodations, Lincoln is able to support its students on an individual basis. Student activities give Lincoln students an opportunity to experience more of the law outside of the classroom.

academic support

Lincoln provides its students with support throughout their law school journey

academic success program

Lincoln has Preparation to Enter the Bar, Introduction to Law, Basics of Legal Writing, Legal Research and Writing, Legal Exam Writing Workshops, Advanced Legal Writing, Performance Exam Workshop, a Multi-State program, Academic Support for Students on Probation, and Academic Counseling and Advisement available to all students, as described below. All of this is bolstered in the fourth year with two semesters of Bar Review.



Students who prefer individual tutoring are encouraged to contact the Associate Dean of Academics for information on qualified tutors. Students are required to make their own tutoring arrangements and pay any costs associated with such tutoring. However, students should feel free to contact the Administration to use Law School facilities during school hours to conduct such tutoring sessions.

counseling + advisement

Academic counseling and advisement are available to all students through the Associate Dean of Academics and the Faculty. Students are encouraged to contact the Associate Dean of Academics and individual faculty members as needed.


Lincoln has partnered with BARBRI, Inc., who has designed a comprehensive and integrated program to train students for the bar examination, beginning with their first year of law school. This program enhances students’ legal education, test taking abilities, understanding of the law, critical thinking and legal analysis, putting them on an early road for academic and bar exam success.

student activities

get involved in the law outside of the classroom

Student Bar Association

All students enrolled at the Law School become members of the Student Bar Association (SBA).  The SBA is governed by elected Officers and appointed Class Representatives.  The purpose of the SBA is to assist law students and acclimate them to Law School life, while providing leadership opportunities to those who serve as Officers and Class Representatives. The SBA sponsors a number of student events, including pizza nights, holiday parties, and an annual awards banquet.

Law Review

Any student may submit articles, papers or book reviews they have written for consideration for publication in the Law Review. Publication of the Lincoln Law Review began in 1966 to present articles and book reviews on issues relevant to the legal community and to provide students with an opportunity to hone their skills in legal research, writing and citation. Governed by the Editor-in-Chief, the Law Review continues to be published annually.


The student newspaper is known as the “Gavel”. It is published by students with the assistance of a faculty advisor.

special accommodations

every student's learning experience is different and Lincoln supports its students on an individual basis

ADA compliance + testing accommodations

It is the policy of the Lincoln to provide reasonable accommodations for documented disabled students, including but not limited to students with learning disabilities. Requests for special accommodations should be directed to the Dean. Please be advised that students are not under any circumstances required to disclose any disability. Students are encouraged to make special accommodations requests as early as possible and to review the guidelines regarding special accommodations set forth in the Student Handbook. Professional documentation is required and, absent a documented emergency, requests for special accommodations for examinations must be submitted at least one month prior to examinations as set forth in the Student Handbook.