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The Benefits of an LL.M in Intellectual Property

Patent work is growing in California.

From 1996 to 2018, California, New York, and Texas had the most intellectual property filings in the United States. During this period, 48% of patent cases were filed in Texas, California, and Delaware. California had the second-highest number of patent filings with 13,478 filings or 17% of the national caseload.

Plus, more females are going into and are active in the patent system, as patenting by U.S.-based women grew between 2016 and 2019. Patents with at least one woman inventor accounted for 21.9% of patents through 2019, up from 20.7% in 2016.

And 2019 saw a new record of 333,530 patents granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

The New Online IP LL.M at Lincoln Law School

With the surge in patent activity, Lincoln Law School of San Jose has recently launched an online intellectual property LL.M degree program.

The affordable one-year program also incorporates Lincoln’s unique IP clinic. The Intellectual Property Clinic at Lincoln Law School of San Jose is a pro-bono clinic that includes the only patent clinic in all Northern California.

Britten Sessions, Associate Dean of IP and Clinic Director, remarked, “Intellectual property is a niche area of law. It is a combination of technical and legal prowess, where a focus is placed on highly technical-skilled lawyers.”

intellectual property

Demand for IP Legal Specialists Growing

There continues to be a massive presence of technologies in our digital economy. This includes inventions and innovations in the areas of wireless communications, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality and virtual reality, data privacy, electric and driverless vehicles, blockchain and cryptocurrency, and the Internet of Things (IoT).

As technology changes, so do the needs and challenges of the industries and companies that run our country. Law firms and corporations are now looking for attorneys who offer a mix of intellectual property, technology, and transactional business knowledge to provide legal services.

All of these developments have created opportunities for patents and patent attorneys. Attorneys who understand technology can get into this high demand area of law and set themselves apart by earning an LL.M in intellectual property from the flexible one-year program at Lincoln Law School of San Jose.

“IP litigation attorneys do not require the patent bar, unlike patent attorneys who prosecute applications before the USPTO. As such, the door is open to anyone interested in potentially pursuing this high demand area of law,” Dean Sessions said.


An abundance of practitioners has made the move to specialize in intellectual property. In fact, research shows that in the U.S., the number of attorneys making lateral transitions into IP has grown by more than 40% since 2017. These lawyers realize that the explosion in creative industries, the globalization and digitalization of trade, and the international pressure for the protection of IP rights have created the ideal situation for secure and lucrative legal positions in intellectual property.

Lincoln Law School of San Jose is a nonprofit law school in the heart of Silicon Valley. Lincoln offers its students a unique learning opportunity – to attend classes that work with their busy schedules at a price point that makes sense.

Classes start on August 31st for this very affordable online LL.M in intellectual property curriculum.

Does an Intellectual Property LL.M sound like a career upgrade that interests you? Call student services at 408.977.7227, or email [email protected] to learn more about the Intellectual Property LL.M program at Lincoln Law School of San Jose.

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