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Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs for Law School Grads Who Don’t Want to Work as Lawyers

Many believe that if you study law or have a law degree you must become a lawyer.  This is false. Many students drop out of law school, or fail to start, citing a tough legal market or a lack of interesting career opportunities. Having a law degree opens many doors in the Bay Area.  A legal education does not sentence you to a life of arguing with opposing counsel.  Sometimes a legal education is just the ticket to take your current career to the next level.

If you love learning about the laws behind some of the things you hear about in the news but have no real interest in working as a lawyer, consider some of the following high-paying jobs for which a knowledge of the law is a definite plus.

10 careers that are worth the cost of a law degree

  1. Congress $174,000 – $223,500

While being a US Senator of Congressperson may seem a bit “out of reach,” many people choose law school because they want to make a difference in the world.  Maybe you start with joining the PTA, then the local school board, then the City Council.  You never know where your advocacy might take you.    The knowledge and understanding of the legal system will aid in the advancement of your platform. With this career, having a legal education is nearly essential, yet too few of our elected representatives have legal backgrounds.

A member of Congress earns $174,000 on average according to  However, the Speaker of the House of Representatives can receive a $223,500 salary.

  1. Case Administrator for the California State Bar $135,075

The major duties of a case administrator, according to The State Bar of California website, is being able to provide independent initiative and a broad range of administrative and technical assistance in accomplishing the duties and responsibilities of the judges and member of the State Bar Court. Effective writing, the ability to conduct legal research and analyze complex written documents are necessary for this career.

With benefits, the case administrator for the California State Bar can average out to $135,075 according to Transparent California.

  1. Airline Pilot $111,930

Nobody goes to law school to become an airline pilot.  But plenty of burned out lawyers dream of traveling the world.  Attention to small details and effective communication skills are required for this career, making law school graduates ideal candidates.  Veterans can use their GI Bill benefits to pay for it.  Given some of the tricky situations airline employees encounter every day, the airlines could sure use more people with knowledge of basic human rights.

Airline pilots in California will on average earn $111,930 in a year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  1. Human Resources $110,120

Human Resources professionals have the responsibility of hiring, ensuring that employment laws are being followed in the company, administering payroll, choosing benefits and more.  The bigger the company, the bigger the job responsibility.  Law graduates have success in this field because of the organization that is needed and the responsibility of multiple aspects of a company.

Depending on the company you work for, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has the average yearly income in California is $110,120.

  1. Trust Officer $104,936

The death of a loved one who owns significant assets, or who runs a business, can cause headaches for those left behind.  Trust officers are called to handle the communications between clients and agencies or other banks.  Some trust officers have independent offices, but many work for banks.  The law school curriculum offers communication and writing skills that make you a desired fit for this position.

According to Payscale a Trust Officer in California will earn $104,936 in one year.

  1. Corporate Banker $101,377

Working for commercial banking corporations, you are the head advisor for acquisitions, agreements, and mergers.  Knowing how to work in a professional setting and having knowledge of the California laws relating to corporate financing is an enormous benefit in this field.

Glassdoor states that the average corporate banker in California will earn $101,377 a year.

  1. Arbitrator $93,760

Arbitrators are private judges hired by private parties to help settle disputes.  Sometimes they simply facilitate discussion.  Other times they will preside over a proceeding similar to a trial, with witnesses and evidence, and render a judgment.

An arbitrator can make $93,760 a year as declared by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  1. Technical Writer $90,780

Manuals, booklets, and other writing material designed to describe the function of products to engineers or customers require the skills of a technical writer.  Law school can give you an advantage because of its heavy emphasis on researching, analyzing, and writing.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows an average yearly income for technical writers in California at $90,780.

  1. Personal Financial Advisor $90,640

Personal financial advisors consult on anything from investments to insurance and taxes.  Their advice is designed to help the client grow and keep their money.   The job is to evaluate both long-term and short-term financial goals and develop a plan that can achieve them.

Depending on your clientele, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics assesses the average annual income in California is $90,640.

  1. Financial Auditor $84,070

Auditors are crucial to corporate accountability and shareholder confidence.  They ensure that all financial records are kept up to date and taxes are paid correctly and timely.  They may also review proposed financial ventures and operations for the company.

The average annual pay for an auditor in California according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics is $84,070.

Earning a law degree does not mean you must use it to become a lawyer.  The professors and support staff at Lincoln Law School of San Jose want you to succeed and pursue a career that you will make you feel like you are making a difference in the world.  The hours you spend studying and in class are time well spent if they lead you to a lasting career that provides a reasonable paycheck and a happy life.  Whether you are going to law school now or thinking about pursuing law, know that the knowledge you receive will benefit you for a lifetime.  Lincoln makes it possible for the average person to achieve great things.